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History of Le Tournoi De La Ville Platte

"Le Tournoi", which means tournament in French, is the ancient sporting event of jousting.  It was first followed by the knights of France.  Major Marcellin Garand, an officer in Napoleon's army, founder and first mayor of Ville Platte, brought Le Tournoi to Louisiana.

Le Tournoi was introduced in the early 1800’s and ran until the late 1880’s when it was then abandoned for unknown reasons.  Judge J.D. Buller is accredited with reviving Le Tournoi along with a group of patriotic WWII veterans in 1948.  For the first few years of its rebirth, Le Tournoi was run as part of the Fourth of July festivities.  When the Louisiana Cotton Festival came into existence in 1953, it was dropped as a Fourth of July festivity and began to run in conjunction with the Louisiana Cotton Festival instead.  In 1959, the Louisiana Tournoi Association was chartered and states that a Tournoi can take place anywhere, but the championship must take place in Ville Platte each year. 

Le Tournoi requires horsemanship, skill, and accuracy.  The knights wear their traditional garb while riding horseback at neck breaking speeds around a semicircular quarter mile track.  Carrying long slender lances, the daring knight attempts to spear and retain all seven of the small rings that are suspended on posts around the track.  The seven rings symbolize the seven enemies of cotton which are flood, drought, boll weevil, bollworm, silk, rayon and nylon.  The knights run three heats each to decide the new champion.

The Louisiana Tournoi Queen's crown was designed in June of 2004 by Amanda Thille, the newly appointed Pageant Director.  It was first worn by Maggie Thevenot, the 2003 queen. The crown was designed with significance and tradition in mind.  First, it reflects the Tournoi colors; silver, red, and black.  The 5 silver shields on the crown represent the champion and top 4 knights who chose their queen.  The 7 silver rings represent the seven enemies of cotton.  The red stones scattered throughtout the crown signify bravery and courage.  The black/dark gray lances and knight's helmet in the center shield represent all the Tournoi Knights.  The crosses in the center of the remaining four sheilds represent Christianity, the foundation of our country.

Le Louisiana Tournoi de la Ville Platte is the climatic end of the Louisiana Cotton Festival weekend.  It follows immediately after the Grand Parade which rides down Ville Platte's Main Street annually.  For more information about the event or trying out to be a Louisiana Tournoi Knight, contact us through our website on the contact page.


Champions:               Queens:
2018 - Eric Guillory                                                              Taylor Grace Perrodin

2017 - Eric Guillory        Holly Kay

2016 - Eric Guillory         Bethany Thibodeaux
2015 - Eric Guillory         Bethany Thibodeaux

2014 - Eric Guillory         Shelby LaBuff **
2013 - Eric Guillory**        Lundon Ledoux
2012 - Eric Guillory **        Kristi LaJack
2011 - Kirt Guillory ***        Winter Alexis Duhon *

2010 - Todd Manuel        Maci Guillory

2009 - Paul Fontenot        Jordan Reed

2008 - Kent Saucier        Leigh Phillips **

2007 - Boyd Landreneau        Kim Naquin

2006 - Jody Fontenot        Brittney Reed

2005 - Jody Fontenot        Jennie Olcsvary

2004 - Paul Fontenot        Ashley Smith

2003 - Jody Fontenot        Maggie Thevenot

2002 - Keith Guillory ****                Heidi Fontenot

2001 - Nick Ortego                Summer Lafleur

2000 - Boyd Landreneau        Angellique Penn

1999 - Dexter Morein        Casey Landreneau

1998 - Kent Saucier        Jennifer Gauteraux

1997 - Bryan Fontenot        Jennifer Vidrine

1996 - Derek Marcantel        Trisha Ward

1995 - Mitch Soileau *        Elizabeth "Bessie" Fontenot

1994 - Jude Vidrine                Crystal Ortego

1993 - Tim Hidalgo                Laura Lemoine

1992 - L.J. Pitre        Nicole Launey

1991 - Kent Guillory **        Dawn Marie Cox

1990 - L.J. Pitre        Cathy Ford

1989 - Mitch Soileau *        Sydia Vidrine

1988 - Mitch Soileau *        Heidi Manuel

1987 - Mitch Soileau *        Monette Bourque

1986 - Kirt Guillory ***        Vikki Dawn Veillon

1985 - Mitch Soileau *        Angela Vidrine

1984 - Mitch Soileau *        Mona Marie Demoruelle

1983 - Dwayne Fontenot                Michelle Anne Fontenot

1982 - Mitch Soileau *        Angelique Dupre

1981 - Mitch Soileau *        Melissa Deshotels

1980 - Mitch Soileau *        Tina Marie Fontenot

1979 - Kirt Guillory ***        Claudia Morein

1978 - Mitch Soileau *        Lola Attales

1977 - Dwayne Fontenot                Robin Renee Jones

1976 - Roderick Soileau                Nicole Lafleur

1975 - Berk Veillon                Jennifer Fontenot

1974 - Berkman Veillon                Sheryl Deville

1973 - Ollie Deville                Roxanne Thibodeaux

1972 - Jasper Manuel                Debbie Cary

1971 - Winston Guillory                Sheila Sylvester

1970 - Burke Veillon                Clarese Soileau

1969 - Dwayne Fontenot                Rita Fontenot

1968 - Audrey Guillory                Fonda Lafleur

1967 - Gerald Fontenot                Vickie Guillory

1966 - Wade Deshotel                Sue Chapman

1965 - Winston Guillory                Nell Guillory

1964 - Alvin Soileau                Marilyn Manuel

1963 - Winston Guillory                Patsy Manuel

1962 - Calvin Fontenot                Virginia LeBas

1961 - Audrey Guillory                Phyllis Ardoin

1960 - Calvin Fontenot                Sybil Campbell

1959 - Audrey Guillory                Melba Deshotels

1958 - Curtis Thompson                Susan Dupre

1957 - Woodrow Morein                Yvonne Ardoin

1956 - Elin Pitre                        Evelyn Campbell

1955 - Curtis Thompson                Julie Ashlock

1954 - Audrey Guillory                Myrna Bea Soileau

1953 - Audrey Guillory                Dorothy (Dot) Derouen


Champion Stats:




Queen Stats:
* Placed in Top 5 at the Louisiana Assoc. of Fairs and Festivals Queen of Queens Pageant
** Placed in Top 15 at the Louisiana Assoc. of Fairs and Festivals Queen of Queens Pageant


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